Your specialist for solar,
cooling and heating technology

We are a company in the field of tube component production and are specialised in solar, cooling and thermal technology.

By using CNC controlled machines, we can reach the level of dimensional accuracy you require for further processing (laser or ultrasonic welding).

This quality improvement reduces your production costs:

  • no reporting
  • no re-adjustment of your welding system
  • no unnecessary tension on the absorber sheet

We produce serpentines up to 5000 x 2500 mm directly from the coil, without cutting them into pieces, without soldering.

We are capable of providing serpentines ends with:

  • 3D bends
  • offsets
  • soldering parts
  • support sleeves

This means more oppertunities are available for your construction and further processing. The serpentine ends can, for example, be fed through the rear wall of the collector.

Tell us your problem and we will find a solution together with you!